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curriculum vitae

Caroline Rika Winata


Place & Date of Birth : Bandung, 20 November 1976

Education :

1995 – 2000 Indonesia Institute of Arts, Jogjakarta, Indonesia, Graduated S.Sn. (Bachelor of Arts), Textile’s Craft
Final Tesis: The Motif Aspect and Symbolic Meaning of Iwan Tirta’s Batik at APEC 1994

Work Experiences :
Recent Textile Artist, Free-lance Designer, especially in tie dye and batik.
2004 Designer, Research and Development of "celup", tie dye apparel home industry.
Duties : Making tie dye motives on cloths, research and develop tie dye technique, synthetic and natural dyes.
Apr – Jun 2003 Assistant for Japanese Basket Artist, Kyoko Ogawa
Duties : Drying, weaving natural material (leafs) such as lontar, cuba, banana leaf and rattan.
Sept – Oct 2002 Assistant for Artist of Bussaries For Artist Award from UNESCO – Cemeti Arts Foundation
Duties : Introducing arts atmosphere in Jogkarta
Writing foreword for report journal of the resindency program
Nov 2000 – March 2002 Assistant Editor of "Surat" three monthly Newsletter of Cemeti Arts Foundation
Duties : Reporting, writing, and editing review of visual arts activities at Jogjakarta especially.
Interview visual art artist.
Translating review of arts book collection of Cemeti Arts Foundation

Selected Arts, Social and Organisation Activities
Teaching tie- dye for some children workshop.
"Guest Artist" for lecturing tye die in craft class, SMP 4 (Junior High School), Jogjakarta
Lecturing workshop "Gerilya Project #2", a workshop for Junior High School Teacher, Cemeti Art Foundation, Jogjakarta
Lecturing workshop "Before and After", part of solo exhibition, own studio, Jogjakarta.
Lecturing workshop for Northern Territory Craft’s member, Darwin, Australia.
Recindency Program in Textile Studio, Northern Territory Craft, Darwin, Australia.
"Artist in School", Maningrida, Northern Territorry, Australia. Grant for teaching ‘three-dimensional (tie dye) fabric’ for Junior High School Student.
May "National Textile in Fashion", Fashion Design Competition, Jakarta Convention Center.
Jan – Mar Partner in Indonesia of "The Red Dot Project" by Lyra Abueg Garcellano from Philippine.
The Red Dot Project pokes fun at the idea of art and the market. In this ongoing project, a red sticker is placed on the artist’s faces to pertain to the idea that they’re sold. It’s the artist that is being sold not the art work.
Sept Advisor and contributor for "PUBLISITAS", a visual art newspaper for introducing arts to public.
Apr Costume maker for "Get The Book", a project of book banking for children, Gamping, Jogjakarta.
Jan – Feb Co-coordinator for "Fussion Streght" , Collaboration Instalation and Performance by Indonesian and Singapore Artist (The Artist Village)
Aug Jury for children’s photo contest at Satelindo’s Day, Prambanan Temple, Klaten
Oct – Dec Vollunter for teaching Arts Class of Handycap Student at YAKKUM Rehabilitation Centre for Handycap People

Solo Exhibition
2005 "Before and After", Kedai Kebun Forum, Jogjakarta

Selected Group Exhibition

"Beyond Reality", Grand Opening V-Art Gallery, Jogjakarta
"Jogja Biennale VIII", Taman Budaya, Jogjakarta
"Bali Biennale", Tony Raka Gallery, Ubud, Bali
"Pra-Bali Biennale: On Discourse", Museum Affandy-V art Gallery, Jogjakarta
" Arafura Craft Exchange", Indonesia-Australia, Museum and Gallery of Arts Northern Territory (MAGNT), Darwin, Australia .
"Menimbang Dunia Perempuan", Taman Budaya, Jogjakarta
"Dream", Outmagz Arbituary, Jogjakarta
1997 - 2003
"Mesh", textille exhibition, Nanyang Institute of Education Gallery, Singapore.
"Bermain Jerami", Warsawah, Jogjakarta
"Girl Talk" , Edwin Gallery, Jakarta.
"Fussion Streght", Exhibition and Collaboration Performance with Singapore Artist, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang: Puri Art Gallery, Malang: Benda Gallery, Jogjakarta.
"Dog Show", Surounded By Water, artist-run-space, Manila, Philipines
"Tali Ikat: Fiber Connection", International Fiber Arts Exhibition, Taman Budaya, Jogjakarta
"Rupa Kata", Gelaran Budaya, Jogjakarta
""ABRAKADABRA (A Simulacrum Forest)", a collaboration installation with Irene Agrivina, Benda Gallery, Jogjakarta
"Women Claim Their Space", National Gallery, Jakarta
"The International Jogjakarta Batik Competition and Festival with Natural Dyes", Hyatt Regency Hotel, Jogjakarta
"Dies Natalis XV", Indonesia Institute of Arts’ Gallery, Jogjakarta
"Horizon ‘95", Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Benteng Vrederburg, Jogjakarta
"Outdoor Instalation in Human Rights Day" , Indonesian Institute of Arts, Jogjakarta
"Bias Kuntum Saraswati", Women Artist Exhibition, Affandi’s Museum, Jogjakarta
"Jogjakarta Arts Festival IX", Purna Budaya, Jogjakarta
1997 "Batik World, The International Batik Competition, Exhibition and Conference", Sheraton Mustika Hotel, Jogjakarta
"Contemporary Textile Exhibition", Ngayogyakarta Royal Place, Jogjakarta

Fifth Winner of "Batik World", The International Batik Competition, 1997
Nomination of The International Batik Competition and Jogjakarta Batik Festival, 2000

Public Collection
Textile Museum Indonesia, Jakarta
South East Asia Works, Museum and Gallery of Arts Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia

Selected Press Review
"The Result of Batik Competition had been repeated", Kompas National Daily Newspaper, 7 November 1997.
"The FKY X Installation’s Exhibition Speak about Concern", Bernas Daily, 16 July 1998.
"Art of Batik and It’s Problem", by Citra WK, ASRI Interior Magazine Vol. 179, February 1998
"The Awakening of Jogjakarta Batik Motif", DEWI, Style and Cosmopolitan Magazine, Vol 11/IX, November 2000
"From Politic until Gender’s Critical", by Mas’ad T, Panji Magazine, 16 May 2001
"A New Generation of Woman Artists Claim Their Space", by Carla Bianpoen, Indonesian Observer, 5 –6 May 2001
"Perempuan dan Diseminasi Makna Ruang", Surat YSC, Vol.10, 2001
"Visual Arts Exhibition "Abrakadabra", Kedaulatan Rakyat Daily, 9 Oktober 2001.
"Fiber Art Exhibition was held by Cemeti Art Foundation", Solo Post, 3 Sept 2002
"’Tali Ikat’, Gathering Multination Artist", Bernas Daily, 3 Sept 2002
"Tali Ikat, Fiber Art Exhibition", Kedaulatan Rakyat Daily, 5 Sept 2002
"From ‘Tali Ikat’: Fiber Connections at Taman Budaya Jogjakarta", Jawa Post (Radar Jogja), 6 Sept 2002
"Some Ideas from Fiber", Solo Post, 7 Sept 2002
"’Miracle’ Touching the Fiber by Multinational Artist", Bernas 7 Sept 2002
"Fiber Art Exhibition, Tali Ikat", news, 17 Sept 2002
"Fiber Arts, Craft and Visual Arts", Tempo Daily, 20 Sept 2002
"Fiber Metamorforses", DEWI, Style and Cosmopolitan Magazine, Vol I/XII, Januari 2003
"Visual Arts Exhibition ‘Fusion Strength 2003, Collaboration of Indonesian-Singaporean’s Artist", Kedaulatan Rakyat Daily, 14 January 2003.
"’Fusion Strength’ the fusion between Jogja-Singapore, had been exhibited in Langgeng Gallery Magelang", Bernas Daily, 17 January 2003
"Singaporean, RI artists blend in fusion", The Jakarta Post, 20 January 2003.
"Feature: New Comer : Caroline Rika", Cita Cinta, Women Magazine, No.21/IV, 16 – 29 October 2003.
"Snapshot", Surat YSC, Cemeti Arts Foundation Newsletter, Vol. 17.